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EXPANSIONSERT 2 thread insert for expansion anchoring
Flange/washer: with flange | Material: Brass

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Typ 0235 flange
The EXPANSIONSERT 2 thread insert consists of a body with internal thread, which has knurls and undercuts on the circumferential surface.

Inside the body, there is an spreader plate that is pressed downwards when the thread insert is installed in the mounting hole. Upon installation, the slotted bottom part of the EXPANSIONSERT 2 is expanded and its cutting rings are anchored in the wall of the mounting hole. The thread insert is thus reliably secured against pull-out and twisting.

• For reactive resins, PUR, elastomers, integral hard foams as well as for wood composite materials
• Wear-resistant threads
• Quick, cost-effective installation

technical details

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Flange/washer with flange
Material Brass
Product type 0235 flange


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Product Guide: Fastening and assembly technology English 1190/20-V1-EN (WBH) 1.53 MB / PDF
AMTEC®: Precision thread inserts for plastic parts and equipment for installation English 0200/20-V1-EN (WBH) 3.60 MB / PDF
Data sheet: Technical information and dimensions of the product English 08/2021 336.10 KB / PDF

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