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HITSERT® 2 thread insert for thermal installation
Flange/washer: with flange | Material: Brass

Diameter (d)

Outer diameter (d2)

Length (l)

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Typ 0931
The HITSERT® 2 thread insert is heated to the melting temperature of the plastic.

As a result of the heat transfer upon insertion, the plastic is plasticised for a short time and flows into the undercut of the thread insert. Upon cooling, a low-stress interference is realised.

• Ideal for thermoplastic parts
• Especially designed for thermal installation
• Screw-locked and low-tension anchoring
• High pull-out values
• Efficient installation due to single-spindle, multiple-spindle or automatic machines with preheating device

technical details

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Flange/washer with flange
Material Brass
Product type 0931


You can download CAD-files from our catalog on partcommunity: To Böllhoff partcommunity
Title Language Version File Download
AMTEC®: Precision thread inserts for plastic parts and equipment for installation English 0200/20-V1-EN (WBH) 3.60 MB / PDF
Product Guide: Fastening and assembly technology English 1190/20-V1-EN (WBH) 1.53 MB / PDF
Data sheet: Technical information and dimensions of the product English 08/2021 443.72 KB / PDF



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