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HELICOIL® machine taps
Product type: 0141.1 | Thread type: BA | Diameter (d): 4 BA | Pitch (P): 0,66 | Packingunit: 1 pcs.

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Item no.: 01411962104/10


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Typ 0141.1 Item no.: 01411962104/10
Type 0141.1 HELICOIL® machine tap to create holding threads for HELICOIL® thread inserts with British Association Standard Threads (BA) as per NASM33537. The tap is suited for through holes and blind holes with a deeper tap hole.

• Straight-fluted
• Without spiral point
• 2-pitch chamfer
• 10 % cutting angle
• For materials with 850 N/mm² strength max.
• Tolerance class 2B

technical details

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Diameter (d) 4 BA
Nominal length t2 5,4
Pitch (P) 0,66
Product type 0141.1
Thread type BA


You can download CAD-files from our catalog on partcommunity: To Böllhoff partcommunity
Title Language Version File Download
HELICOIL® Plus: Thread technology for high-strength fastenings – metric threads English 0100/16.02 2.87 MB / PDF
Product Guide: Fastening and assembly technology English 1190/20-V1-EN (WBH) 1.53 MB / PDF
Data sheet: Technical information and dimensions of the product English 08/2021 479.68 KB / PDF


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